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Hosted Learning Management System

Did you ever think training your employees could be as easy as sending over a list of your staff and then you have an LMS loaded with Micro-Learning experiences ready for your employees to take? We have made that dream a reality. We handle ALL of the work to ensure your learners have access to training that will increase their skills in customer service, selling, safety, compliance, and many more areas.


With our hosted learning management system we supply the LMS, a library of Micro-Learning experiences, on-boarding training, and on-going support for your administrator. Plus anytime we create new Micro-Learning experiences well add them right into your system! All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional L&D department and without the infrastructure to support. Even smaller companies can leverage this solution.

Our team of L&D professionals do the heavy lifting to ensure your learning management system is filled with up to date Micro-learning experiences so that you can reap the benefits of adequately trained employees.

Off The Shelf Courses

Typical training programs consist of unnecessary information, used to “fill up” the course and make it appear to offer more value for your dollar. Unfortunately, all that filling is just a waste of space and time, and typically the cost of that is picked up by the employer. Thankfully those days are LONG gone. We’ve taken all the core training courses your employees need, and re-designed them in a way that delivers the message in a fun interactive way removing any unnecessary “fluff” to keep the message clean. To make it easy, we made them short sessions that will enable your employees to take them quickly in between customers, or in their free time right from their phones or tablets. The days of paying them to sit in front of a computer for hours are long gone.


All of our Micro-Learning experiences are interactive mobile-friendly courses that can be completed in 10 minutes or less and available on your LMS or ours.

Custom Content

Not all course are created equal, and the topic you need to train on may not exist. We can help with that as well. Maybe it’s a specific company policy you need to educate your employees on, or a particular way to complete a task, we can work with you to build out Micro-learning experiences or tradition eLearning courses that will get the job done. Throughout the process, we’ll work closely with you or your team to ensure we create learning experiences that won’t waste your employees time, which will save you money.

Looking to build training courses or Micro-Learning experiences yourself? Our advisors are there to help ease the process for your team and to guide your team on industry best practices. We work closely with dominKnow, an industry leading LCMS that allows your developers to create responsive courses in a collaborative environment.

For over 20 years, dominKnow has been creating eLearning authoring tools and software powered by our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that empowers instructional designers, developers, and SMEs to create better learning experiences, efficiently as a team.

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