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About Us

eTech Advisors leverages our experience with enterprise learning and talent applications along with our overall knowledge of the industry to help organizations select, deploy and maintain the systems that are right for them.  We believe in a hands-on approach and working with our client’s long term.

Scott Keit

Chief Advisor & Founder

Scott has over 25 years experience in technology and learning.  He has implemented and managed global LMS implementations along with content development and delivery teams.  He also has lead solutions consulting team for a leading learning management system and served on the executive team of two regional Internet service providers.

Caleb Palm

Senior Advisor

Caleb has been working in L&D full-time since late 2016, focusing on building dynamic eLearning and mastering advanced technologies to improve user experience and training effectiveness. Before joining eTech Advisors, Caleb worked as a retail store manager for a multi-national coffee shop focusing on making training more efficient for a diverse staff with a high turnover rate.